Fallen Asunder

by Fallen Asunder

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released November 1, 2016



all rights reserved


Fallen Asunder Lancaster, Pennsylvania

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Track Name: The World and Fate
The World and Fate

We make a prayer, send it to the wind
It's blown to nothingness by all of our sins
We scream all night up to the sky
How did our beliefs all go awry?
To the world and fate we begin to put all our trust
Just like those star-cross’d lovers
Who traded their lives for lust
Forsaken by the world and fate
Our desires we cried out became all theirs to take

We won't give up
Together we will take back all of our dreams
From the world and fate
These aspirations belong to us
They were never theirs to take

Even out of sight
For our desires we will surely fight
We won't accept a predestined fate
Or bow to a world so full of hate
We'll keep on climbing even if we were to fall
We'll keep on climbing
If the top doesn't exist at all
We'll never bow down to the world and fate
Together we'll fight
And our dreams we won't forsake

It comes down to us against the world and fate
And our desires they try to take
We will fight, we will climb, we will never give up
From these wounds and these scars
We proclaim these dreams are ours
We won’t give up
I know that we can take back all of these dreams
From the world and fate
Track Name: Our Ghosts
Our Ghosts

In love and lust, it's all the same
Does it make us human playing these games?
The riddles burn in us like a flame
The answers we find are false and all the same
We deny what we know
Living life for our ghosts
Let society reign, with their devils they blame

Why do we live for what others believe?
We don't know the truth and neither do they
We get just one life, let's live it our way
Let's not live for our ghosts
Let’s live life our own way

We search for lust and call it love
Whether from the flesh or ghosts above
Living blind faith leaves us all denied
Thus locking our humanity inside

We run from the truth
That we don't know all
The riddles that make up our lives
We make up our answers, we just can't find
Like our lust, "our love" we'll believe any lie

We're not gonna live for what others believe
We will never know the truth and neither will they
We get just one life, we're gonna live it our way
We don't need our ghosts
Our eyes are opened today

We're not gonna live our lives
To the tales of any man or ghost
We're gonna live life with eyes open, our way
Track Name: Meant for so Much More
Meant for So Much More

Another dawn
Another feeling like the walls are closing in
Is this forever? This can’t be all there is
I’ve been dreaming far too long for this
There’s got to be more
It's time to face reality
Let us rember who we were
And fight just like before
We'll stand up again
And stare into the face of fate
We're finished doing it their way
'Cause we know that

We were meant for so much more
I know we're gonna change this world for sure
It’s what we've been fighting for
We'll give it all we have
I know this life has to hold more in store

We started with nothing, no-one to count on
Just our dreams, it was us against the world
They all played along
No, we will never play their game
Sorry, but we're not the same
We'll make it on our own
We won't sell our souls
We bow to no man, god, or fate
We don't care what they all say

Sometimes it feels like this all is hopeless
And all of these dreams are so out of reach
But I'd rather die as a man who had tried
Than live a life where I run and hide
Track Name: Silent Lies
Silent Lies

The night all too serene, as I feel the moonlight die
The stars above still burn so bright, as do my silent lies
In this placid darkness, in such desires I wait
As these tears of regret bleed through, all too late
Praying for all things real to die
So I may close my eyes forever
and dream these silent lies

With every regret tormenting me
This silence stabs so deep
With every lie that I dream
I bleed for you as I forsake reality
Lost in these silent lies
Every moment I'm alive I bleed for you

Crying out to heaven, this prison of the mind
Where paradise is truly lost
And blissful lies are all we find
Holding fast but it’s all the same
Misery in life's pitiful game
Cutting deep into these veins, still are my silent lies

How could you die? I lived for you
Now I am lost in these silent lies
Desires fell from your lips
Convictions embrace me as I scream your name
This silence still pierces deep
As this blood spills all for you in vain
This blood spills all in vain

After all these years passed by
I can’t accept that you died
I’m still bleeding deep inside all of these silent lies
Every moment I’m alive, I bleed for you
Track Name: Free Will
Free Will

You spoke us here into life and told us we could have paradise
And you gave us what we thought was free will
But human nature got the best of us
And all too soon we disobeyed
And you damned us to die and took it all away
What did we do that was so wrong?
We wanted to be just like you
Why even bring us here at all? You knew that we would fall

Is this your game they call divine?
This free will you gave us is such a lie
We're cast as pieces in your eyes
With just a choice to serve or die

To live we all must obey and live this life free of sin
How can we do that in this flesh we're in?
What is sin, but to disobey the rules you set for your sick game?
Now, it’s in our hearts that you placed all the blame
We are not to blame
It doesn't matter if it's wrong or right
If it’s not for you it's all sin in your sight
I guess that's why it wasn't a sin
When you drowned us all just to start over again

Free will... man's greatest gift... Oh it is such a lie
If we don't follow your will, you send us to hell to burn and die
I don't care if I live, I don’t care if I die
This will is not yours, it's mine
I don’t care if I burn for an eternity
My will is mine
I don’t give a damn

This game of yours is not divine
Go somewhere else and spread your lies
We're more than pieces in your game of time
I don't give a damn if I burn or die
Track Name: Plight

Soulless streams plague beating plains
Life once so pure in blackened chains
Fire hails down through eyes so red
Innocence lost... This pure heart's now dead
Sorrow leads to execration
Hate bleeds from these afflictions

Void so dark, abyss so great
Fading love bleeds into growing hate
Dark reflections pierce the purest of souls
As this love now gone takes its final toll
Demons screaming all around us
Contempt for life feeds their lust
These demons born from sorrow
Live only to destroy us

Screams falling on deaf ears
Gone away are all our fears
For if we don't fear death
We can't fear anything at all

Our demons kill our conscience
Who was one our creed
There's no innocence
We're all sinners snuffing our own light
We ignore all our remorse and crying pleas
Now we dream to take the world down
With us in our plight

Our love scatters like dust
This pain once loathed we lust
To what have we succumbed?
What have we now become?
Now we dream to take the world down
Track Name: Upon Your Stars
Upon Your Stars

When I see that smile of yours
I wanna trade my soul
For that world you hold
My dreams you own
That life that should be ours
But life's just not that easy
With looks like yours
You chew me up and spit me out
And leave me stranded on that same old road

I know you'll be the end of me
Why must you be so tempting with angel eyes
I know you’re just the devil in disguise
But when I hear your siren's call
I don’t know what to do at all
Delusions fall from all the words
You sweetly lie to me
I can't escape those angel eyes
Or all of your beautiful lies

You take me to your stars oh girl
Then send me crashing back to my world
But tonight we'll dance upon your stars
And everything will be ours

Beneath our feet
A billion stars all shine so bright for you
Tonight I won’t let go
I won’t crash away from you
Tonight we dance on stars so bright
As everything becomes ours tonight
Track Name: Lost in the Rain
Lost in the Rain

Remember when the world was ours
And you and I were so invincible?
It was so incredible to feel all of these things for the first time
Not knowing that it would all eventually
Come crashing down on us
We never thought, couldn't imagine that
What we had could ever end
Was it you? Was it me?
Deep inside all my guilt and regrets come flooding in
Can we go back?

Those days now gone lost in the rain
Of the strife we shared and the love we made
We can't give in, I won’t succumb
To the life we had that’s gone and done
We can’t go back, we must refrain
Let those days stay lost in the rain

I still hear your laugh... picture your smile
I still remember how your eyes lit up
Every time I came walking in
But we forget all of those fights
You sobbing in your room all night
As I lied alone thinking, "Is this meant to be?"
How easily we forget the bad after it's said and done
It's only in our nature to relive the good
'Cause that’s all we ever want in love
We can't go back

We must realize, we can't undo what’s been said and done
It’s now the time to remember why
You and I gave our goodbyes
We can't look back, we must refrain
Let all those days stay lost in the rain
Track Name: In Your Depths
In Your Depths

I feel the summer breeze
As it blows the hair away from your eyes
Golden strands dance up
And caress the deep blue of the sky
Now I see those eyes
Just like oceans glimmering
As they suddenly spill
And drown the world all around me

I can’t breathe
I just keep sinking even deeper
With eyes like oceans you drown my world
I still can't breathe
I just keep sinking even deeper
Now I am drowning in your depths oh girl

Now I see you make a smile
And your eyes quick dart away
But I feel the waves still crashing
And my world in disarray
Do you see me sinking?
Can you hear my silent cries?
I can't speak girl, I am drowning
No matter how hard my heart tries

With just a glance you submerse my world
Now I'm drowning in your depths oh girl
Why does the heart, so easily
Believe what the eyes see?
Girl how with just a glance
Can you be doing this to me?
Track Name: We'll Never Run
We'll Never Run

You think this world belongs to you
That doesn't give you the right
To take all that's in your sight
You sit so high upon your throne
Who do you think you are?
This time you've gone too far

You steal the breath right out from us
You take our lives like we are nothing
We fight just to survive
We've taken all we can from you
We know what we must do
To take back all of our lives
No, we don’t care how strong you are
We'll fight until the end

We scream out into the night,
"We won't give up this fight
'Till our hearts stop beating"
Throw at us what you will
We're out for the kill
Know your time is fleeting

Nothing you do will make us succumb
We will never run
We just can't, we just won't, we'll never run away
No matter what you think you can do
Together we're much stronger than you

We scream out to the night
"We won’t give up this fight"
Throw at us what you will,
We are out for the kill
No. We will never run
Track Name: Brought to Life
Brought to Life

Girl I still taste you
But where are all the dreams you brought to life?
Living content with closed eyes
Thinking this is my paradise
Faltering in all my strife
Believing all these lies
Pretending I can’t see the truth all around
With eyes closed forever, forever I’ll be bound

Girl I still taste you
But I can’t feel you anywhere or all those dreams
You so easily had brought into my life
But it’s only your sweet poison
Laced upon my tongue
Coursing through my veins
And killing all the dreams you brought to life

Knowing it just can’t be,
This hate consumes me more
I just can’t escape its hungry allure
I’m done with reality
I no longer need to see
Just rip these eyes from me

Still I know I must awake
Before it becomes too late
And I am consumed by this growing hate

Girl I can’t feel you
But I’m still holding on to all the dreams
You so easily had brought into my life
Though it’s only your sweet poison
Slowly killing me
As I still try to live all of those long gone
Dreams you brought to life
Track Name: Blinded Eyes
Blinded Eyes

In the absence of my slumber
My cries they turn to silence
This absence of warmth is a noose around my hope
I feel the night take hold as the pale moon light glows
Has my wake just been my slumber all along?

As the deathly shadows loom
In the pale moonlight around me
I can feel their contempt as they dance upon the walls
Whispering to me their lies
Staring with those lifeless eyes
These convictions of the past keep haunting me

Alone I awake as silence leads to voiceless screams
My desires sing their tales of lies
I'm bleeding for her warmth
I'm holding on to hopeless dreams
Now I am lost within these blinded eyes

I’ve become lost deep
Searching for an end where I can open up these eyes
These dreams they just won’t die
Silenced are my cries as hope suffocates tonight

I’ve become so lost... Blinded by my desires
Seeing only the past... Hoping for things to be like they were
But her death is absolute
And it’s this realization tonight that is suffocating hope

Desiring her next to me though I know it can’t be
I breathe hope like water
Without her next to me, dreams are all I see
These desires blinding me
My desires are telling me only lies
For I am lost within these blinded eyes